Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hot itchy feet tops - huh?

Now, this could easily be one of those weird "things that only happen to me" scenarios...

But, I am hoping it is more like my Sunburn Fire Ant Hell Itch misery that I first thought I suffered alone with - how very wrong I was! Thanks to all the symptom-googlers out there who found my post & gave me such comfort in knowing I wasn't alone/insane.

So... I get this weird itch, or discomfort on the TOP of my feet - nothing between the toes or underneath, but only in winter - and only when my feet are warm??

Applying aloe or moisturiser helps instantly but nothing seems to last. My winter is a constant battle between frozen feet or itchy foot tops. Is there a proper name for this part of the foot? 

There is no apparent rash or any visible abnormality - the skin looks & feels perfectly healthy & this weird symptom only occurs in the colder seasons.

Unlike Sunburn Fire Ant Hell Itch - applying heat in this instance is certainly not the cure but the only identifiable culprit & cause of my foot top itch distress! WHAT AND WHY must I suffer in such contradictory ways?! 

I am not 'applying' heat or warmth to these areas, it is mainly that they warm up overnight in bed. I don't use an electric blanket or hot water bottles or anything like that. The itch is certainly nothing like ants under the skin - more like a mild mosquito bite itch - just all over the top of my feet, sometimes towards the ankle or sides of my feet too, but generally concentrated to the top area. 

I refuse to spend the rest of my life waking up at 1:30am to put aloe & moisturiser on my damn feet tops - or whatever they're actually called. Similarly, I hate cold feet & don't want to subject my toes to a blanket-less winter - especially when temperatures out here are 1 degree celsius on the first day of winter.   

I NEED to know what the hell this is & how it can be controlled, but ideally stopped. As far as I know I am the only person who has ever experienced this - I am hoping someone out there can prove me wrong & offer some advice.

Yours in weird body-ness,
Kat x