Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life happens

Welcomed, surprising, unpleasant, confronting, joyous.

It seems life has an endless supply of events, circumstances and occurrences to keep us on our toes. I don't subscribe to either theory that life is either down to fate or chance. But one thing I've seen to be consistent over my 26 years is that these events, circumstances and occurrences, whether good or bad, always come in 3's.

For the first time in a little while, the universe decided to throw me a bone after a bit of a good-news drought with a nice three-tiered package of awesome.

And whilst I am happy to bask in my current state of luck/fate, I cannot turn my attention away from the fact that some of those I care about have been hit with a much less awesome three-tiered round of events, circumstances and occurrences.

My dad once said that his smile depended on the smile of my sister and I. The same can be said for me with my family and friends. It's hard to enjoy good fortune, whether by luck or fate, when those around you are struggling to find two good pieces of news to rub together.

At the end of the day, I just accept that 'Life happens'. You can't win all the time. Maybe the earth would tilt off it's axis if life was consistently chipper and lucky. Hard, unpleasant and challenging times lie ahead of me for sure and time will tell what they are in due course. But until then all we can do is enjoy the wins when we have them, listen and assist others who are short of a win and know that when it's your time to lose out, better times will follow soon enough.

Life happens. No controlling what's thrown your way, just how we choose to handle ourselves when it happens.

Yours in current gladness and appreciation,
Kat xx

Friends who play Cupid

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so they say.

Friends who play cupid, whilst their intentions are thoughtful, what they fail to see is that if it doesn't work out, or ends up being one-sided, it just creates one hell of a hot mess for everyone to deal with.

If two people like each other, it will happen on it's own. However 'encouraging' two people together will most likely end in people just being put in an awkward situation. And no one wants that at a Sunday BBQ.

Avoid the awkward. Don't set up your friends. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Destination: Disappointment

We hope you've enjoyed your trip, this service will now terminate at:

Tickets are non-refundable. Please enjoy your stay and travel with Take-A-Chance again soon. 

Who hasn't been here before? The shittiest valley of them all.

I rarely care to complain about life, because I am all to aware of how many fantastic people and times are in it. But sometimes, against all better judgements, you get your hopes up and when things don't work out, you come crashing down into Disappointment Valley. 

Luckily* you have Cold Reality and Broken Pride to cushion the fall.

The recent round of let downs has come unexpectedly and sans explanation. And being left with the outcome of dashed hopes is as bitter to swallow as it always has been. But trying to make sense of the senseless is about as useful as trying to unscramble an egg. So I don't dwell, cry or lay awake at night trying to pick the point where this journey took such an unexpected detour to Disappointment Valley via Brain-Breaking Point. So in lieu of anger, frustration or hurt, what is left but disappointment? 

I have a formula for disappointment:
All we can do is make peace with reality, be grateful for the lessons learned and keep on walking. 

The weight of disappointment never gets lighter, but you do learn how to deal with it better with knowledge and strengths gained from past experiences. 

No visit to Disappointment Valley is permanent. Some stays are longer than others, but I am quietly confident that this trip will be a short-lived one. So in the interim, I'll wear this sigh-face with the knowledge that I'll be better placed for the next bump in the road, whatever it may be. 

Often the best of destinations are the ones you have to first endure a bumpy ride to get to. So remember not to let temporary disappointments rattle your cage too much.

Yours in enduring chipperness,
Kat xx