Monday, May 14, 2012

Whatever happened to Jewel?

"Dreams last for so long, even after you're gone, I know you love me and soon you will see, you were meant for me... and I was meant for you"

- Yeah, that Jewel. Whatever happened to her?

Remember all her thought provoking clips and emotive lyrics? Remember the album 'Spirit'? With all those beautiful songs like 'Hands'?

Yeah, they were good.

And then she came out with that song 'Intuition'... that make-me-puke kind of pop music completely void of true substance. A song that I think was trying to poke fun at the fame game (kind of) but really failed to hit the mark. I think the only benefit she would have seen from that monstrosity would have been the big fat pay cheque from shaving company Gillette when they used that song in their commercial for their 'intuition' lady razors.

Anyway since then she's completely fallen off my radar. Has she done anything lately?

The fact that she was once so wholesome and made beautiful music, then sold out and made a horrible pop album and now seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet is just upsetting.

The same goes for Nelly Furtado. First soulful & lovely single, "I'm like a bird" - then had a kid, then came the album "Loose" with the hit single being "Promiscuous Girl"... I can't help but feel her career is working in reverse. She seems to have disappeared too.


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