Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sleep deprivation & databases - A tale of woe.

Sweet. Merciful. Christ.
I didn't know it was possible to feel like this & still manage to function (albeit in zombie mode).

My wonderful out-of-towners were in-towners for a brief period, so a night in at my friend's place turned into a 'two-hours-of-sleep-if-you-were-lucky-but-you-probably-weren't-cause-lady-be-looking-like-a-hot-mess' night coupled with a bangin' headache thanks to Grey Goose vodka, many Strongbows & some cheap bubbles.

Lift into the city was greatly appreciated. Even if it meant we were out of the house by 6am and I was at work at 7-fuggen-30.

I'm not in the correct mind space to elaborate right now, but two things I have learnt this morning are:

1) When you're this tired, you are fresh out of shits to give if there's a hair in your coffee. Seriously. Don't care. Just make me feel alive please.

2) When you're this tired, words don't look like words. Especially words relating to a CRM database which on a good day - is still the mother of all arse pain. "Define the categories using the run-time filters in the corresponding modules for the definable filters"... pretty sure that's not even English right now. GTFO, database 'report wizard', you horrible bastard.

Brain can't figure out how to sign this one off right now.

Kat xx

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